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Why Is A Metal Roof More Expensive?

What are the pros and cons of a metal roof?

From a moderately priced home to exclusive, custom-built homes, metal roofs are becoming more popular all across New Jersey. Why? Is a metal roof better than an asphalt, ceramic, or other types of roofing materials on homes? Well, as a matter of fact, yes, a metal roof is better, offering several benefits that far outweigh the not so popular features.

It was estimated in 2015 that almost 800,000 homeowners would have a metal roof installed. That is 11% of the roofs in America, with asphalt shingles being the most common. The question for many that aren’t sold on a metal roof is why? Here we have listed the pros and cons of a metal roof, use this information to help you determine if a metal roof is right for you and your home:

PRO: Durable and Long-Lasting

Metal roofs top pro point is the durability which lends to the longevity. A homeowner knows that once a metal roof is professionally installed, there won’t be another roof needed in their lifetime. A metal roof that is professionally installed could outlive the house! A lifespan up to 70 years with a warranty up to 50 years is possible. 

CON: Expensive

The cost of a metal roof is often a deterrent for many homeowners, especially if paying 100% out of pocket. Metal roof materials can cost as little as $120 per 100 square foot and as much as $900 per 100 square foot. This really isn’t that far out of range when compared to other roofing materials of premium grade.  With those other roofing materials though, the cost of installation is higher than a metal roof installation because there is more equipment, tools, and precise training required.

PRO: Environmentally Friendly

The traditional asphalt shingles are made from petroleum, meaning they use fossil fuels to be manufactured. Then, they have to be replaced every fifteen years, adding almost 20 billion pounds of used asphalt shingles to the landfills annually. A metal roof is sustainable, made from 25% recycled materials and then they are 100% recyclable when removed (70 years later). A metal roof is ideal for the homeowner that is eco-conscious and being a lightweight material and an be safely installed over an existing asphalt roof without causing structure issues and eliminating landfill waste.

CON: Dents Easily

The metal materials used today for a metal roof is made to withstand extreme weather abuse for decades. From ice and snow to hailstones, heavy rains, and strong winds. However, a large hailstone or a large tree branch can dent a metal roof and depending on the type of metal roof material you choose, foot traffic isn’t recommended.

PRO: Energy-Efficient

A metal roof installation cost is recouped by the monthly savings on utilities because of the reflective property that a metal roof offers will keep your cooling bills down. A metal roof reflects solar radiant heat and during the summer days, that can lower your cooling cost by 25%. A special metal roof coating with reflective pigments will further minimize any heat gain and keep your family comfortable without lowering the thermostat.

CON: Noisy

Metal roofs have a reputation of being noisy, thus, considered a con, however it is without merit.  A metal roof that is installed by a professional with insulation won’t be any noisier than an asphalt roof. 

PRO: Stylish

If you’re thinking a metal roof will look like an old barn, you’re wrong. The metal roofs of today can be made aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or zinc and the choices of colors, finishes, and shapes are endless. Metal roofs have left the conventional asphalt shingle roof behind when it comes to style.

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

The initial cost to have a metal roof installed instead of going with the traditional asphalt shingle roofing is going to be more expensive by $20 to $25 per square foot more. However, with an asphalt shingled roof, you could be replacing it again in another 15 years, depending on the quality of shingle you purchase. A metal roof can last up to 70 years.

Does a metal roof affect insurance?

Yes, insurance companies that provide homeowner’s insurance LOVE metal roofing!  Why? Because they are fire resistant and even stop the spread of flames. If you live in an area that is fire-prone, a metal roof could save you hundreds on your homeowner’s insurance rates. 

Does a metal roof need to be vented?

Yes, any roof should be vented regardless the material, and a metal roof isn’t any different.  Venting the roof keeps moisture from building up in the attic and with a metal roof, it will keep the rafters dry and solid.  A vented attic also keeps the heat pulled out in the summer so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, which is another money saver. 

Is a metal roof worth it?

After reading this article, if you’re still not sure a metal roof is it worth it in terms of initial expense, consider that you’ll have fewer problems with it than you would other roofing materials. When a metal roof is leaking, which is rare, it generally is due to poor workmanship. So make sure you hire a reliable, trusted roofing contractor that has a good reputation and stands behind their work.
Another issue some homeowners have experienced is their metal roof is rusting. Again, poor workmanship can cause this with screws installed incorrectly. Metal roof rusting can also be caused by the rare dents from hailstones and limbs. This is why you need to do a visual inspection after any significant weather event. If dented metal panels are noted, have your roofing contractor replace them as soon as possible. Call (856) 662-1382 today for metal roofing in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ.

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