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White Rubberized Roof Coatings

White Rubber Roof Coating

An acrylic-based, elastomeric white rubber roof coating is exceptionally durable and carries enhanced reflective properties than a standard roof coating to help insulate and keep energy costs low. A white rubber roof coating is applied smoothly to your flat roof or metal roof, and creates an energy-saving membrane on top.
To see firsthand the benefits of a white rubber roof coating, contact us (856) 662-1382 to speak to our roofing experts about white rubberized roof coatings in South Jersey , NJ.
White rubber roof coating is best suited for metal or flat roofs, and is recommended by our roofing professionals after an installation or repair. A few of its benefits can include:
  • Protection from breaking down overtime
  • Resistant to weathering, tears and punctures
  • During summer seasons, the energy savings can be up to 40%
While the additional layer of protection is ideal for most commercial property owners, a white rubber roof coating is not recommended or ideal for roofs that have PVC or shingles attached, as it will not adhere correctly.
Application is done one of two ways: through spray or by rolling on the white rubber roof. The ideal surface for application is in a warm, dry outside environment with no risk of severe upcoming weather. The roof surface should be free of dust and debris. Temperatures should be expected to stay above 50 degrees for two consecutive days after installation for the coating to set properly. Between the standard two coatings, a wait period of 4-6 hours is necessary to allow the first base of the white rubber roof coat to set before the final layer is applied, to ensure the ultimate seal on top of the roof. There is no dilution necessary for both spraying and rolling the white coating, and both services are available at Airborne Roofing.
A white rubberized roof coating protects your commercial property against the elements, and helps safely guard against ponding water, mildew and algae that can form. For quality roofing you can see and trust, contact us (856) 662-1382  to get started on your white rubber roof coating in South Jersey , NJ. Always affordable and fully insured, we’ve been serving all of South Jersey since 1968!