Which windows are best for a home?

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What kind of windows are there?

Spring has sprung out and another cold winter is almost another memory. One of those memories has been the expensive heating bills! Experts say one of the biggest leaks of heat is through the window. If your home has windows that are older than 10 years, you’re probably losing around 35% of your heat around your home windows and doors. It may be time to consider getting window replacement this spring.

A home with windows allows air and natural light in while keeping your home dry. They can define your’ home’s style. The eight different styles of for a home are:

  • Double-Hung: The most popular for window replacement, there are two sashes that slide up and down vertically in the frame. They open from bottom or top, but remain inside the frame, remaining flush to the exterior and interior. While not as easily available today, there are single-hung windows that have the same appearance and operation.  
  • Casement: These windows are hinged and open outward by a turn of a crank.
  • Awning: This style of window is hinged at the top and opens outward, allowing air in from the bottom, left or right. They pair this type of home windows installation with an operating or stationary window, above, below or alongside.

  • Picture: This is a large stationary window that allows the full light and provides a full view of the outdoor. Some people refer to this type of window as a Christmas Tree window.
  • Transom: They would find this type of window above a door, used to let more air and light inside a room, or it may be non-operating and simply used for letting in additional light only.  
  • Slider: This window glides along a track horizontally over the other window next to it. 
  • Stationary: They can customize these windows at almost any angle or shape and do not open. 
  • Bay: A bay window gives a room more interior space as it protrudes out on the exterior of the house.

Are wood or vinyl windows better?

Any type of window replacement can make a dramatic change in your home, including energy efficiency improvement, updating the appearance, and adding value. The benefits of window replacement are many, which is why it is vitally important to choose the window type that will best fit your home and your personal needs.

Today, when it comes to energy-efficient, wood windows best vinyl windows today with the new Fibrex exterior available by some manufactures. This new “wood” is maintenance-free like vinyl, but they are more expensive.

The final decision is the homeowners. When the budget is the priority, vinyl is the least expensive. If resale value, added beauty, and longevity are your priorities, then wood windows are the better choice window replacement.

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What is the difference between single and double-hung windows?

Choosing the style for your window replacement should be done with a lot of though.  This will reflect your style, but it is a curb appeal improvement and affects the overall feel and look of your home, both inside and out.

You need to answer these questions when choosing your window replacements:

  • Is easy to open and close important to you?
  • For your style of housekeeping around your home, windows cleaning is important?
  • Is blocking air and wind important to you?

With double-hung windows, both sashes move up and down, making window cleaning easier. With single hung windows, only the bottom sash is moveable, allowing more able to incorporate a decorative touch.

What is the advantage of double-hung windows?

Are you considering home windows installation for your home? Ask anyone in the construction, remodeling, or real estate industry if double-hung windows are worthwhile, and you’ll get a resounding yes!  Today, they are the most common and popular style of window replacement on the market and after you review these benefits, you’ll see why:  

  • Easy Cleaning: Double-hung windows were developed to make cleaning easier, with both sashes tilting inward. This enables you to clean the exterior side of the windows while inside. Gone are the days setting up a sweatshop with ladders or scaffolding and using long-handled tools.
  • Energy Efficient: Window replacement with double-hung windows, the biggest advantage is the energy efficiency they offer. Cooling and heating costs are drastically reduced, and they increase the comfort level in your home.
  • Cooling Options: For a home that doesn’t have central air and heat, window replacement with double-hung windows work great for window AC units. The sashes moving up and down make it easy to install a window air conditioner and still safely secure the window.
  • Airflow: With the sashes on double-hung windows both moving up and down, installing screens on the exterior allows you to open the window from the bottom or the top, controlling fresh airflow into your home.
  • Versatility: Double-hung windows are offer versatile styles for window replacement. They come in different colors, materials, sizes, and styles.

Hands-down, double-hung windows are the big winner if you’re considering window replacement for your home. Like anything, there are different levels of quality you can choose from, like high-efficiency glass and premium materials. Call (856) 662-1382 today for your window replacement in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ.