What Is Window Glass Repair?

Window Glass With Broken Cracks & Splinters

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When we think of a broken window one might think of such colorful movie moments as a kid throwing a ball through the glass or a vengeful neighbor distributing a hole-in-one through your tempered glass. Whatever may be the case your window is now damaged and when you need window repair it can be stressful. Windows, in particular, can be as delicate as gas line pressure testing and almost as dangerous if not properly equipped with safety tools and processes. Whether you’re wondering if you require window repair or a replacement be sure to contact a professional window repair service whenever you’re ever in doubt! With the help of a professional, you can avoid any unfortunate cuts or risks to your health and safety. As with any repair job, be sure to do your research and ask questions for assistance when necessary.

Window Repair or Parts

It’s important to first become familiar with the parts of your window. The basic things you need to know are your frame and panes. The pane of the window is the piece of glass that is surrounded by the frame/border on all sides. Sometimes there may even be more than one pane of glass within the frame separated by columns and rows called muntins and mullions, which are typically made of wood or other materials to add more dimension into the look. There are indeed other parts of your window but these main pointers will get you by.

Can a window pane be replaced?

A window pane can be replaced when necessary even when that is the only area of your window system that is damaged. Take for example double insulated glass, with this material the seal separating two windows can break which can let in outside moisture and air which fogs up the glass. Most fixes incorporate removing the glass while leaving the window unit securely in place. 

How do I repair windows?

Window repair can vary depending on the issue. Some may be as simple as going into your local hardware store and purchasing small pieces for a DIY job while others may require an expert for handling the window with care. First, it’s important to consider which cases of damages may call the need for a window repair vs. a replacement.

Window Repair vs Replacement

If you’re wondering what issues constitute a window repair or a replacement then consider overall integrity or functions. If the issue at hand involves, for example, water infiltration than it could be that the exterior window casing is bad and you may either need better seals or overall replacements. With foggy windows, this means water is condensing inside your window unit and if you are using an IGU unit it’s best to remove and replace it as these are sealed and typically permanent. With broken or cracked glass you may be able to repair it with a glazier or by yourself. With a multi-paned glass window, it would be best to replace the sash. With broken mullions or muntins (wood separating multiple panes of glass) although these cannot be replaced they won’t affect the functionality of your window. If they are split or rotted however they will need to be rebuilt. If there is putty between panes that hold the glass and have gone brittle you may simply remove the glass, clean the area and apply fresh putty. Be sure to secure the glass with new glazier points as well. For cases of sashes that have come off the track, have broken cords or have become lose you can typically repair them without replacements. With rotting or missing drip caps that are the exterior shield at the top of the window, you can purchase rust and rot free aluminum ones at a local home center. Finally, if your exterior casing is rotting, missing, cracked or loos you can also purchase primed wood ones at a home center as well.

Repairman Fixing Window

How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

There are ways in which you can temporarily fix a broken window to be better protected until window repair comes around. As of such fixes can be fairly simple to achieve. 

Temporary Window Fixes

  • Always wear protective gloves.
  • Cover the window with plastic.
  • Remove the glass from the shattered window.
  • Use packing/duct tape to seal cracks.
  • Use window putty for securing panes in place.

Should you tape a cracked window?

A nice way for temporarily incorporate window repair is by using duct or packing tape on cracks. Be sure to gently press on the glass to make sure it’s still sturdy enough, if the crack can hold secure from this pressure you can use the tape to make a temporary seal.

Who can fix my broken window?

Window repair services through a roofing company or window company are available for your various window damages. Window repair cost may vary depending on whether you need window repair for homes or businesses. 

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