What Is Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating?

Contractors Apply a Roof Coating.

What is fibered aluminum roof coating?

When you’re looking to restore your roof, you have plenty of options open to you including fibered aluminum coatings. These particular coatings are composed of asphalt, aluminum, moisture scavengers, fillers, and hydrocarbon solvents. The fiber-reinforced material—usually fiberglass—is very durable, highly reflective, and capable of providing extensive UV protection. Though the fibers create lower elasticity, limiting how much they can bend or stretch, they give the coating greater strength so it resists breaking from flexing or stretching. Like other coatings, it can seal small leaks and will keep your building cool, improving overall energy efficiency. It also extends the life of your roof and can be reapplied about every five to seven years for further protection. If you are a building manager in need of a roof restoration solution, let the professionals at Airborne Roofing apply a fibered aluminum coating in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ. You can find out about this or any of our other services by calling (856) 662-1382.

How long does aluminum roof coating last?

Although fibered aluminum roof coatings are durable and provide good UV protection, you’ll need to be prepared to recoat fairly frequently. These coatings last anywhere between three to seven years before a new coat will need to be added.

Does aluminum roof coating stop leaks?

One reason roof coatings of any kind are applied is because they seal over pinhole leaks and cracks. Fibered aluminum coating is no exception. While roof coatings seal over small leaks, if you have several leaks or other major damage, you’ll want to make repairs before having a coating applied to your roof. 

Is aluminum roof coating waterproof?

Some will claim fibered aluminum coatings have no waterproofing capabilities. This simply isn’t true. That said, however, their waterproofing capabilities aren’t as effective as elastomeric coatings. Aluminum coatings are much more valued for their UV protection than for being waterproof. These coatings will keep your roof and building much cooler than other coatings and slow down the sun’s most damaging effects. When applied to metal roofs, it also prevents rust.

Fibered aluminum roof coating on metal roof

Aluminum roof coatings are highly recommended for metal roofs. That’s because these coatings are particularly effective at fighting rust. 

How long does aluminum roof coating take to dry?

Like other roof coatings, fibered aluminum coatings can take anywhere from eight to 24 hours to completely dry. Much of this will depend on the weather conditions. If there is dew or high humidity, it will take much longer for the coating to dry than it would in warm, dry weather. It’s also ideal to apply the coating in warmer and drier weather, so you’ll want to keep your forecast in mind when applying the coating. You want to have at least three days available of relatively warm and dry weather because it takes about three days to complete the application process and allow the coating to dry. Ideally, temperatures should be somewhere between 60 and 100 degrees with low humidity. Excessive moisture causes the finish to be splotchy and inconsistent. Extreme heat can also prevent the coating from drying correctly.

How to apply fibered aluminum roof coating

The roof coating process is actually fairly simple and non-intrusive. You won’t have to shut down business operations for the application. The application process goes as follows:

  • Clear the roof of dirt and debris. While some dirt and debris can be swept away, you might need to pressure wash areas where it’s really thick or difficult to sweep. You’ll also want to sweep again after any repairs are made, as dust and dirt affect the coating’s adhesiveness.
  • Once the roof is cleaned, you need to inspect it for any damages. Look for cracks at the seams, especially on flat roofs, as this is most likely where leaks will occur. Repair any major damage.
  • The coating has to be mixed to the right consistency for it to be effective.
  • After the coating is mixed, it is either brushed, sprayed, or rolled on.
  • The coating must be allowed to dry thoroughly before any touch-up work is performed.

Can you paint over aluminum roof coating

Because fibered aluminum coatings leave a silvery finish on your roof, you might consider painting over it. While it can be done, the results will probably not be what you want because other materials, even other roof coatings, do not adhere well to aluminum coatings.

Fibered aluminum roof coating vs elastomeric

Why would you pick a fibered aluminum coating over elastomeric? This will depend on the coating’s purpose. In general, both types of coatings will seal over cracks and small leaks, and offer UV protection that will improve energy efficiency. If your primary concern is waterproofing, an elastomeric coating like silicone will be the most effective. Aluminum coatings have some waterproofing capabilities but are generally preferred for their UV protection capabilities. You’ll see marked differences in your building’s temperature and improved overall energy efficiency with aluminum coatings. Aluminum coatings are also recommended for metal roofs because they prevent rust very well. If you are ready to restore your roof with a fibered aluminum coating in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ, turn to the professionals at Airborne Roofing. If you prefer an elastomeric coating, we can also help you with that. Learn about all our roofing solutions by calling (856) 662-1382.