What is a Single Ply Roofing System?

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Single Ply Roofing vs Built Up

When you’re running a business that operates in a commercial building, you rely on it to provide safety from the elements. So if your roof starts to fail, you need a replacement quickly, and you want a cost effective options that will last a long time for an ideal amount of money. It may be time to consider the benefits of a single-ply roofing system for your commercial building. While it’s true that built up roofing has been used in the United States for over one hundred years, it also has a long and drawn out installation period. That method requires alternating levels of tar and gravel to build up waterproofing and physical resistance, but also adds additional weight to your building. Single ply roofing comes in a variety of materials that offer increased protection that are also easy to install.

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Single Ply Roofing Types

Single ply roofing involves using sheets of a different plastic or rubber compound that stretch and adhere to different kinds of flat and low-slope rooftops. Many people ask “What is single ply TPO roofing?” Thermoplastic Polyolefin is incredibly durable in comparison with other options. Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a great option for fire resistance and solar reflection, meaning it’s energy efficient. If you find Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, you may find yourself asking “What is EPDM roofing?” It’s one of the most widely available single ply membranes on the market, and the most cost effective. There are plenty of different options to choose from, and while you may be curious about things like “What is the difference between TPO and PVC roofing?” or “Is TPO better than EPDM?” you should understand that each membrane shares several benefits and drawbacks.

Single Ply Roofing Pros and Cons


  • Easy Installation Most single ply roofing membranes are a single sheet that can be stretched to fit different kinds of roof shapes. As a result, the installation is quick and easy, meaning your business won’t be tied up by a construction crew. There are also multiple ways to install these, like adhesives, mechanical attachments, and ballasting it with heavier materials.
  • Energy Efficient Different roof membranes are much more likely to reflect solar radiation than absorb it like tar and gravel. Redirecting that heat means you’re spending less money on air conditioning, lowering your overall electric bill as time moves on.
  • Fewer Seams Lots of single plying roofing are singular membranes that are stretched over a surface with fewer seams. With fewer places for water to enter, there is less of a chance that it will start leaking.
  • Fire Resistant A majority of your single ply options carry a “Class A” fire resistance rating, making them much less likely to catch on fire. That’s added protection for your commercial property where built-up roofing would be a liability.
  • Lightweight It’s a thin material that’s meant to stretch on top of a commercial building. As a result, the membranes used for these jobs weigh a lot less than multiple layers of tar and gravel. The only special consideration for the weight for single ply roofing is if you choose the ballasted installation option, where the membrane is held in place by a heavier material being laid on top of it.
  • Low-Cost The different types of membrane vary in cost, from approximately three dollars to eight dollars, where built up usually costs closer to the higher end of that same range. If you’re looking for a way to reduce costs for your business, consider the benefits of commercial roofing in Cherry Hill, NJ.


  • Less Durable While most single ply roof membranes are relatively durable, it’s not the same level of protection as multiple layers of tar and gravel with the built-up system. A single layer of plastic-based material can only repel so much damage at a time.
  • Prone to UV Ray Damage While these membranes reflect different levels of solar radiation, it can still cause the adhesives to wear down over time. As a result, your single ply roofing could need to be checked after hot summers.
  • Roof Accessories As stated previously, most single ply roofing options are single membranes that stretch to fit your roof. As a result, anything you have on top of your building could be in the way and force the contractors installing the material to have to cut into it so it can fit over or around it. Things like chimneys or air conditioners require special consideration.
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Single Ply Roofing Contractors

You would seek an expert opinion if you were looking for Saddle Brook, NJ bathroom repair, so consider doing the same for your new roof. It’s easy enough to answer the question “How much does single ply roofing cost?”, but why not ask a contractor what your best options are for single ply roofing materials first since there are so many to choose from? Roof replacement is incredibly complicated and hiring a professional for their service and their opinion helps ensure that your building gets the professional care it needs to keep it structurally intact. A single ply roofing membrane can be installed quickly and efficiently to keep your business functioning and bringing in a profit for a lower cost than built-up tar and gravel. So when you’re looking for professional single ply roofing in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ, contact the expert contractors with Airborne Roofing at (856) 662-1382 to schedule an appointment today!