Should I Repair or Replace Gutters?

A Gutter is Fastened to a Board.

Should I repair or replace gutters?

Are your gutters leaking? Or have they stopped draining and protecting your roof? If you’re having problems with your gutters, will it just need a gutter repair or will you have to replace the whole system? Home maintenance can mean unwanted expenses, and gutters are no exception. When you have issues with your gutters, you’ll have to decide whether it just needs a repair or whether it needs to be replaced. If there are just a few damaged sections, a few missing fasteners, or a few minor fissures, you probably won’t need to tear off all your gutters and replace them.

You should consider replacing your gutters if you are having to make repairs frequently or are experiencing frequent problems with leaks or clogging. If sections of your gutters are detached or have begun to sag, replacement is usually the best option. Sometimes this means the fascia boards where the gutters are attached might need to be replaced too, especially if they are rotting or the gutters have pulled away and damaged the boards. Whenever you need gutter repair and replacement in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ, look to the trusted professionals at Airborne Roofing for expert service. Call us at (856) 662-1382 to set up a service appointment.

Can you replace a section of gutter?

If you only have one or two damaged sections of gutter, usually you can just get away with a simple gutter repair and replace just those damaged sections. The damaged sections can be cut away from the good sections of the gutter with a hacksaw and new sections put in their place. The new sections are usually easy to install. All you need are fasteners and caulk to secure the sections into place.

Is standing water normal in gutters?

Given that the gutters’ purpose is to divert water from your roof and house, water should never stay in the gutter. If water is standing in the gutter, you probably have a serious clog that needs to be cleared. You may also need gutter repair to ensure your gutters are diverting water properly. Otherwise, standing water will eventually overflow and cause problems ranging from gutter leaks to basement flooding and foundation damage.

Why is water dripping between gutter and fascia?

If you notice water dripping between your gutter and fascia, flashing was probably not installed on the back of the gutter. You can remedy this with a simple gutter repair by installing a gutter apron. This flashing can be purchased at hardware stores and comes in 10-foot sections. The apron goes under the shingles and over the gutter.  

How do you repair damaged gutters?

Gutter repair usually means fixing leaks. Most leaks occur in the joints and seams and can be repaired simply by following these steps:

  • Remove all debris and flush the gutter with a hose. Before starting the repair, let the gutter dry.
  • To make the repair on aluminum or vinyl gutters, you’ll need a flexible, water-resistant sealant.
  • While applying steady pressure, force the sealant into the joint.
  • Firmly press the materials together and then clamp them so they’ll stay together while the sealant dries.
  • Let the sealant dry for 24 hours.

How to repair gutter on mobile home

Making a gutter repair on a mobile home is no different from a repair on a house. You can repair leaks, for instance, using a flexible, water-resistant sealant or with various patches. Other repairs may require putting in new fasteners or hangers or cutting away damaged sections and replacing them with new sections.

Gutter repair and cleaning

One of the keys to avoiding a major gutter repair is keeping the gutter cleaned. Gutters get clogged with everything from leaves to twigs to dirt and other debris, including ice. Clean your gutters at least twice per year or more often if you have several trees near your roof or live in an area where frequent freezes cause ice to block up the gutter.

Gutter repair and painting

If you are painting your home you might want to consider painting your gutters to match the new color. For the most part, this is OK to do, especially if you have aluminum gutters and use the right type of paint. When painting your gutters, you’ll want to start with a clear acrylic bonding primer instead of a latex primer with ammonia in it. Ammonia can react with aluminum and cause bubbles to form under the paint. You can, however, use latex paints once the primer is applied. Although you can paint vinyl gutters, it’s not recommended you do so because vinyl gutters aren’t designed to be painted. If you do decide to paint vinyl gutters, consult with a paint professional to find out which primer and paint are best to use.  

A Roofer Repairs a Downspout.

Who does gutter repair

If you notice your gutters are damaged or leaking and need expert gutter repair in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ, look to the trusted professionals at Airborne Roofing. We offer a wide range of solutions for your gutters. Give us a call at (856) 662-1382 to schedule an appointment for an estimate.