Shingles or Metal- Choosing the Best Roof Material for You

When it’s time to choose a roof replacement material for your home, most homeowners opt for either shingles or metal. Metal roofing offers substantial protection, low maintenance, and a reasonable price. Shingles can provide an affordable upfront cost, a variety of choices, and extreme durability. However, many homeowners don’t realize that the shape and style of their roof can greatly affect the reliability and durability of their roof material.

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The Best Roof Material for Your Home Depends on its Style and Construction.

Pitch Considerations

The pitch of the roof means the angle at which it’s built. Some homes have steep-pitched roofs while others have flat roofing. While shingles can be used on medium to steep-sloped roofing systems, they aren’t advised on low-pitched roofs because they do not provide effective water runoff. However, metal roofing works well on low, medium, and steep-pitched roof systems.

Complex Roofs

When dealing with a complex roof, your material will need to be angled in many different directions. Because of this, metal roofing will have multiple seams that may leak or separate over time. Shingles, however, can be installed in multiple directions and with many flashing points without leaking or separating.

Style Desires

While metal roofing offers abundant protection, the appearance of a metal roof system isn’t for everyone. However, metal tiles are now available and can resemble looks like tile, stone, wood, or even slate. Shingles, on the other hand, are versatile and traditional. These materials can now also provide lasting protection with options like impact resistant or synthetic.

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