What Is Roofing Fascia, And Why Is It Important?

roofing fascia

Fascia Is An Important Part Of Your Roof System

When it comes to your roof, there may be many parts that you don’t quite know the name of. However, in order to make sure your roof lasts for its full lifespan, you should be sure to have a general understanding of different areas of your roof, and the damage they are most likely to develop. Today we will discuss roofing fascia, and common types of fascia damage.

What Is Roofing Fascia?

Roofing fascia is the part of your roof that protects the edges from wind, rain, and more. Fascia also plays a part in the curb appeal of your home, as without it, your roof would look rather unfinished. Additionally, your roof’s gutter system is typically attached to the fascia of your roof.

Types Of Fascia Damage

Generally, fascia begins to show signs of damage after large storms, or when it begins to age. You may notice damage in the form of sagging edges, or you may notice it when your gutters begin to look uneven. Additionally, animals tend to gravitate towards roof fascia as a potential nest area, as do insects. To protect your fascia from unnecessary damage, you should take time every two months to make sure there are no nests forming in your fascia.

If you fascia is showing signs of damage, give us a call today at (856) 662-1382 ! Our team can help repair your fascia quickly and cost-effectively. Remember, early repairs are less expensive repairs, so don’t wait to get started!