Is It Time For A Roof Coat?

Roof coats: Where damage prevention, reroofing and roof repair meet in the middle. Roof

roof coats in Berlin, NJ

Add a roof coat to your today for extended life.

coating fixes roof aging issues by supplying a great cost-effective roofing solution.

A new roof coating is great for new roofs. New roofs get coated when the roofer or owners knows they want to save money over time. While a chosen roofing material may be expected to last for 15-20 years, it’s more than prudent to invest in a way to add time to that lifespan.

What Kind of Roof Coating Is Best For You?

There are about a million and one different kinds of roof coats and they can be applied to almost any type of roof. The question to ask is what do you want to save as a business or homeowner?

Low Energy Coats

Silicone Roof Coats

Silicone roof coats and others like it are normally a light color and are fantastic at maintaining a livable temperature indoors by reflecting sunlight and refusing to let air conditioning escape upwards. These type of coatings can also help in cold climates where ice or snow melting causes leakages because of the warm roof under the cold.

Low maintenance Coats

Fibered Aluminum Coatings

A Fibered coat can extend your roof’s lifespan by at 5 years, is headache free to apply and provides a very airtight and water resistant surface.

White Rubberized Coats

White Rubberized Coats, normally added to metal roofing or flat roofing, helps with energy preservation and cuts down the amount of maintenance needed over time. Storm damage that would normally affect a metal roof has much less chance of damage with a rubber coat.

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