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Roof Coatings

Roof Coating Installation

A newly installed or repaired roof increases the lifespan of the commercial structure significantly. When properly installed, a new roof or repaired roof is seamless and a great protection against weather and surrounding physical damages. However, without a coating, that can only last for so long. A roof coating is a layer of rolled or sprayed coating applied over a roof that further protects not only the property itself,
but greatly expands the durability of the roof to increase its lifespan and further reduce damages that can occur. Without a coating, commercial properties run the risk of premature aging and quicker damage accumulated over time. Have you recently installed a new roof or undergone a roof repair? Could your flat roof benefit from a coating? Contact us (856) 662-1382 for all our roof coating services in South Jersey , NJ

Roof Coatings We Apply Include:

What Makes These Roof Coatings Exceptional?

These special coatings are designed for specific roofing structures, so it’s best to contact a roofing professional at Airborne Roofing to assess which would be best for your roof. The coating can be alternated in application, and is typically applied in two layers with a 4-6 hour wait between to let the initial coat settle. Does your roof already have a roof coating? No problem, we can easily apply the new coating over your existing one, since the standard coating can start to wear away from UV and water damage.
For a newly repaired or installed roof, it’s best to pair it with a new roof coating to ensure you get the best protection and extend the quality of life of your roof. Contact us (856) 662-1382 for your next roof coating in South Jersey , NJ. Always affordable and fully insured, we’ve been serving South Jersey since 1968!