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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen Roofing

During the roof installation process, a modified bitumen roof might be recommended to some commercial properties when a regular single-ply or built up roofing might not be sustainable. In short, a Polymer-Modified Bitumen Sheet Membrane roof is a manufactured roof with extra strength and durability. Instead of being applied like a built up roof (repetitive layers adhered together to form a membrane), a modified roof is a two-ply roofing system designed for quick installation.
If your current flat roof or rubber roof is not giving your commercial office the protection it needs, contact us (856) 662-1382 to see if modified bitumen roofing in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ is right for you.

A modified bitumen roof has several benefits for the new commercial or repaired office space:

  • Extreme durability
  • Easy to repair
  • Factory manufactured for quality control and easy application
  • Flexible:expands and contracts as the roof structure settles
A modified bitumen roof, when paired with a roof coating, is resistant to UV rays, can withstand significant water damage from large storms, hail damage, and physical damages over time that can chip or tear away at most other roofing structures. It is ideal for those whose commercial roofs have started to deteriorate overtime, or when leaks and cracks are still appearing after repairs have been made.

Modified Bitumen Provides Your Roof The Strength It Needs

While similar, a modified roof combines the properties that make up a built up roof and adds in additional modifiers to create one membrane layer that gets the job done. Contact us (856) 662-1382 to learn more about our modified bitumen roofing services in South Jersey , NJ. Always affordable and fully licensed, we’ve been serving all of South Jersey since 1968!