What Potential Homebuyers Need to Look for in Roofs

Roofs are typically an overlooked aspect when inspecting and falling in love with your dream home. But ignore a shoddy roof and you could find yourself shelling out up to $30,000 on top of the new deed and mortgage you just signed. To avoid the extra waste of money, read these tips on how to look for signs of roof damage when shopping for homes.

Warning Signs of Damage

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Our Roofers Can Come and Inspect Your Home and Make Sure Your Roof is in Perfect Condition.

Stand at a distance and see if you notice any of the following things: missing or curling shingles, rotting wood, or mold.

Check for vents- you do not want to live in a dusty, humid, and moldy home. Poor ventilation can cause dry rot which makes your roof sag and crumble.

While on a house tour, you will not be able to climb up on the roof and inspect the pipes, so it is important to ask about them. Faulty gutters can lead to leaks which will ruin furniture and cause mold and mildew.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask the Important Questions

If the seller claims to have already done an inspection before putting the house on the market, ask to see it. You need to know what you are signing a deed for and moving into.

Find out what year the house was built and when the last time the roof was repaired. Roof lifespans typically max out around 15 years. Another sign is comparing your potential roof to the neighboring roof styles. Is your roof style out of date or odd? Could be the previous homeowner’s decor aesthetic, or could be an indication of neglect.

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