Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Energy Efficiency

Your Roof Plays a Key Role in Keeping Your Commercial Building Efficient.

Many people worry about the energy efficiency of their homes, however, have you been considering whether your commercial property is energy efficient or not? The efficiency of these properties tends to fall by the wayside which is accepted as normal, whereas homes have a more sudden and visible impact and therefore handled quicker. Commercial buildings use more energy and have higher traffic than homes due to customer and personnel activity. This can lead to increased bills and even to wear on your systems from over use. In order to prevent this, you need to take specific measures.

What are Energy Efficiency Measures?

Luckily for commercial property owners, there are energy efficiency measures you can take to keep your property at its best and lower its usage. These steps work with systems that currently exist on your property and by improving them, you can improve not only the efficiency but the life of your building.

  • Roof Coatings: With a roof coating, you can improve your roof, protecting it against damage while getting additional reflectivity. These coatings bounce UV rays away to keep your property cool.
  • HVAC Systems: Your heating and air conditioning system should receive quality maintenance to keep them at their best. Contacting duct experts in New Jersey can ensure that your duct system stays clean and flows air efficiently.
  • Lighting Systems: Using LED bulbs can light your business while reducing the energy drawn. These bulbs use less energy while providing quality light.
  • Better Water Heater: How old is your current system? Older systems start to function less and less effectively, which is why a new system could help.

These are just some of the steps you can take for your property. Want to get started on your property’s improvements? Airborne Roofing is here for you, providing quality roofing and roof coating for your commercial building in Berlin, NJ. Call us at (856) 662-1382 and speak with our experts about your property’s needs.