Does roof coating stop leaks?

roof with leaks and spotting

Leaking from your roof?

If you own a commercial structure, you’ve probably had a roofing salesperson try to sell you roof coating. If they are really informed about the product they sell, they could tell you about it, the pros and cons, and more.  If they leave you and you’re still asking, “What does roof coating do?”, then they didn’t do their job. So, we’ll tell you:

Roof coating is typically formulated with a top level of top-quality resin that provides your commercial structure roofing from the sun’s UV rays, excessive water, and high winds. Because roof coating is an elastic type material, it moves with the building as it contracts and expands, protecting the roof from leaks, if it is maintained properly.

Is roof coating waterproof?

A roof coating is a fully adhered, fluid membrane, monolithic, that will provide waterproofing for the substrates. We do not recommend it as a waterproofing material for surfaces that will have heavy traffic like foot traffic on patios, sundecks, walkways, or any type of vehicle traffic.

You can use roof coating to stop leaks of minor size, but proper and professional roof coating and repair should be done as soon as possible to keep the leak from starting again and getting bigger. A roof coating should not be used to find leak nor expected to seal leaks long-term.

Are roof coatings any good?

If you are trying to decide which is best for your commercial building, roof coating vs replacement, let’s discuss roof coating benefits that you can expect: 

  1. A Cooler Building: A white or reflective roof coating reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, which keeps the building cooler and keeping your utility bills lower.
  2. Energy Consumption Reduced: A cooler building and lower energy bills are the benefits you’ll see as the owner of a commercial building. With a roof coating, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, a bonus for the environment we live in.
  3. Energy Star Rating Increases: A commercial building’s Energy Star rating can change with the structure’s changes. A roof coating is a simple way to increase your building energy efficiency, which can increase it Energy Star rating.
  4. Improved Green Reputation: Because roof coating will make your building more energy efficient will prove to your associates, customers, and vendors that your company is making efforts to go green for the environment. This will help strengthen your reputation in the community and industry.
  5. Roof Leak Protection: Adding a roof coating will give it an extra layer that protects it from leaks. A roof coating can prevent mildew and mold damage too.
  6. Lifespan Extended: A roof coat gives your current roof an extension on life. After a professionally apply roof coating, your roof will give you many more years of life expectancy before you’ll need to consider replacing it. 

There are many different types of roof coating and each one offers many benefits. Do your research, get quotes from several roofing contractors, and ask about the different types, choosing the one that is best for your building’s roof.

roof that is prepared for roof coating

How do I prepare my roof for coating? 

Examine the roof surface for blisters, cracks, exposed foam, ponding, tears, splitting seams. If there a roof coating applied already, evaluate its condition, paying attention in particular to areas where there are roof penetrations like pipes, skylights, and vents. Check for ponding areas and cracks. 

If there are issue with the roof or existing roof coating, these should be repaired before new roof coating is applied. Existing roof coating will need to be removed before applying new roof coating in most cases because two coatings may not adhere well. 

How do you apply roof coating?

Applying an elastomeric cool roof coating is easy, but to get the best results, there are special skills required and preparation of the roofing surface. Typically, roof coating is applied during warm weather and it can get hot while working on the roof. Make sure you have eye and hand protection, and a safety belt while on the roof.

  • After the roof has dried, the sealant has set, spread the roof coating with a heavy duty paint roller that is 9-inch wide and ½-inch round on a 6 foot extension pool.
  • Apply a thick topcoat of 10 mils.
  • Apply additional coats in ponding and scupper areas for additional protection.
  • We recommend Two coats. Wait, a full 24 hours or longer before applying the second coat.

Roof coating and roof replacement are both an expense that no building owner wants to deal with, but they are necessary. Choose the right roof coating for your building and then follow through with the maintenance and upkeep, as necessary. Routine monthly inspections by the owner or maintenance team is recommended and annual inspection by a professional commercial roofing contractor can find minor issues before they become a bigger and more expensive issue. Call (856) 662-1382 today to get started on your roof coating in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ.